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                 Kessler Neighbors United

    The Kessler Krawl
is the sole fund-raiser for the KNU beautification projects and raises several thousand dollars each year for improvement of the "public spaces" (traffic islands and medians) in our neighborhood.  This money is often matched with grants from the City of Dallas when our programs qualify for partial public funding.  For anyone new to the neighborhood, our many street "islands" did not always have beautiful lighting, benches, and irrigated landscaping; this is a result of the work of the Beautification Committee and successful funding raising from the Kessler Krawls.

The Kessler Krawl is a progressive (really more of a Chinese fire drill) cocktail party/fund raiser that is held once or twice a year. It started as a small progressive dinner party and grew to become a large progressive cocktail party. The current format is that three to four neighbors open their homes to guests and offer complimentary beer, wine, cocktails, soft drinks and hors d'oeuvres.
The ticket-purchasing "guests" are divided into small core groups of 20 people and then three core groups start the "Krawl" at each one of the of the homes. We then mix different core groups every 45 minutes as you move to the next house.

This format offers a different mix of people at each house and gives you a chance to meet more of your neighbors in a relaxed, happy setting. At the end of the progressive cocktail party, dessert and coffee are served at a final house or on a lawn. This gives everyone a chance to be together and also is used as a site for a Silent Auction.
The Beautification Committee sponsors the Silent Auction to raise additional money for island maintenance. This money is held in a separate account and pays the water, light, repairs, and general maintenance for the landscaped islands. Auction items have included: Airline tickets, restaurant gift certificates, bedding, electronic equipment, and gift baskets. Local vendors who are willing to support our neighborhood donate all of these items.
The Krawl has become so popular because it affords neighbors a chance to see other houses and to mingle
socially with neighbors they might not otherwise get a chance to meet.

The Kessler Krawl is just one more example of what neighbors can do to enhance our neighborhood and make
Kessler Park a unique and beautiful place to live.
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